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Holy Shit… Its Been Awhile

Okay, I am officially a bad blogger. Hmmm… I’ll work on that.

So, a ton of stuff has happened since my last post. Probably the most important thing being my birthday. I am now 28, and I feel kinda old. However, it was a lovely celebration. Roger and I ate at my favorite restaurant, The Chicago Diner, where we ran into my friend Miles. That was cool. We saw a mediocre foreign film at the Music Box, and night capped it all off with Amy at Shannon’s in Glen Ellyn. All in all it was a good day. Then, on Tuesday of this week, my birthday part two, I got to eat at the Chicago Diner again! What a treat that was. Amy and I knocked around Milwaukee Ave.for a lil bit, attempting to complete some photojournalism stuff, which we successfully failed in accomplishing… However, I was somehow able to restrain my need to buy everything I saw at Crossroads Trading Co. Coats, shoes, faux fur vests, the list goes on…

Okay, so what I am about to tell you may or may not seem completely ridiculous, but Ames and I drove to and from the city twice on Tuesday (whatever, its my birthday, and I can do what I want). We both have our Alternative Photographic Process class on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so we had no choice but to go back to the burbs after we had spent all day in the city. But it was well worth it, cause we got to make more Cyanotypes (I do plan on scanning some of those for your digital viewing pleasure.) And, since my girl is such a trooper, I had convinced her to go to Kingston Mines, the “legendary ” blues bar of Chicago. Okay, I’m going to say this one time. I have never been to this place, and under no circumstance do I think I will ever return. Maybe I’m missing something, but it really was not for me. It was a lot of 40-year-old penises… If that somehow gives you an idea of our experience. And if you know Amy and I… Um… No.

Needless to say, we did not stay long at all. We headed to some place much more our taste, The Whistler. Which didn’t cost us a penny (Kingston Mines cost us each 12 bucks, did I mention that?) They have good drinks, and good music. Tuesday they had a really good jazz band. The people there are always cool, and I can’t think of any other place where a girl can get a drink where an egg white is part of the ingredients.

The best part of the whole night is, we ended the night at The Golden Apple for some late night french toast (best french toast in the greater chicago land area). If you have not tried it, I strongly recommend it. Even Ira Glass knows how amazing The Golden Apple is, it was featured on an episode of This American Life.

Made it to bed around 5 am. So, I’m getting older, but I could not have asked for a better 48 hours to celebrate my birthday. Nor could I ask for better people to spend it with.


Such is Life

Hey all you nerds, who hopefully read my silly little blog…

Here is the scoop today. So, in my last post, I mentioned I was going to my friend Danny’s studio, which turned out to be one of the best studio nights we have had yet. We talked, drank some beers, ate some cheese, and worked for hours. He painted, I photographed. We had the documentary film, Beautiful Losers playing as some inspirational background noise. It was great. I always feel so inspired whenever I pay him a visit, there is something about that space that allows magical things to happen there.

Most of the Bastardo work was created in that very same space. He went on about how wonderful he thought my film was, which made me so happy…

Today, such is life, I realized that one of my photography classes was canceled. This particular class, Color Photo 1, is a prerequisite for a lot of other classes. It is somewhat frustrating, considering… I want to move forward, I want to finish. And I can’t move forward till I take this class. The college has this rule; ten people need to be registered for an art class in order for it to run. But if its an english class, it will run if there is only one person enrolled. I think it is kinda a load of shit, especially if it is a prerequisite… The class should run. But thats all politics, they have enough money to rehab the whole school, but can’t run an art class with less than ten people. It doesn’t make sense to me.

So, on that note, Tuesday night was amazing, and got me super inspired to jump right into my education after Winter Break, but today brought some discouragement. I believe that things happen for a reason, and I just have to stay positive. Maybe only being enrolled in two classes will allow me some more freedom to work on some personal projects.

So, I will leave you with some of my work from Danny’s studio.


Today Is The Day…

I go back to school on Thursday, which I am super excited about. However, during my entire Winter break, I have not been totally committed to accomplishing some goals I set for myself. So… I have been taking yesterday and today to cram as much shit I can possibly cram in order to feel better about myself, and feel like I at least got something done. The list is as follows.

1. Work on website (specifically Occupy Chicago photos)

2. Get blog up and running

3. Send Patsy pix for 11.11.11 project

I have been chipping away, little by little. I successfully completed task number one, obviously… The Occupy movement images will be logged under the photojournalism section on my website, and Patsy’s pictures still need a little work. So, here is what I have been up to. The photos from the indian restaurant were supposed to be blog post from ages ago (so I kinda like to procrastinate, so what). But it is appropriate for today, sorta, because I am headed to my friend Danny’s studio in a lil bit. And, it just so happens, we shared that wonderful meal together. Enjoy

Your Friend,

The Lens Baby

The Bastardo Brothers

This is my first official blog post… and I am starting out large. I know a few pretty amazing people, they call themselves The Bastardo Brothers. It is a select group of artists that create some amazing work. I was privileged enough to make a short documentary film about Danny Powell, and Kevin Lustrup, both of which are founding members. I had such a blast working on this project with my very dear friends. They were more than willing to allow me to come into their homes; interview them, take a ton of photos, interrupt their dinner hour and so forth… This is an intimate portrait of my very dear friends, Danny and Kevin, The Bastardo Brothers.

-The Lens Baby