Today Is The Day…

I go back to school on Thursday, which I am super excited about. However, during my entire Winter break, I have not been totally committed to accomplishing some goals I set for myself. So… I have been taking yesterday and today to cram as much shit I can possibly cram in order to feel better about myself, and feel like I at least got something done. The list is as follows.

1. Work on website (specifically Occupy Chicago photos)

2. Get blog up and running

3. Send Patsy pix for 11.11.11 project

I have been chipping away, little by little. I successfully completed task number one, obviously… The Occupy movement images will be logged under the photojournalism section on my website, and Patsy’s pictures still need a little work. So, here is what I have been up to. The photos from the indian restaurant were supposed to be blog post from ages ago (so I kinda like to procrastinate, so what). But it is appropriate for today, sorta, because I am headed to my friend Danny’s studio in a lil bit. And, it just so happens, we shared that wonderful meal together. Enjoy

Your Friend,

The Lens Baby

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