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Good Music Good Friends

I’m not going to write much today. The photographs kinda speak for themselves. Three words come to my mind when I think of good music and good friends, On Your Marx. Well, that is not entirely true, I could think of many different things, but today, that’s it. It is always a treat to make it out and catch this band live, I often can’t make it because Roger and I both work at the same restaurant, an finding two shifts to cover is a pain on the ass, not to mention that taking two Friday night off a month is like kissing three or four hundred dollars goodbye. That’s asking quite a lot off pocket book.

However, the warm welcomes I receive on the rare nights I do make it to a show, are always pleasant.

Time to plug it.

On Your Marx is a ska, reggae, and dub band from Chicago. They possess a unique sound like no other ska or reggae band out there; that I have heard anyway. And I am a hard ear to please when it comes to that because, most reggae bands sound the same to me. But this band, with their two female vocals, four piece horn section, guitar, keys, bass, drums, and occasional flute and melodica, really transcend the boundaries of ska and reggae.

They practice religiously to make certain that they maintain the quality of their sound as well as their relationship to one another as a band.

They make that message known every time they step on stage. This band has talent, and I you haven’t heard the music of On Your Marx, I suggest you start listening.

Their first full length album, Resound, was recorded in Roger’s apartment, however it does not do this band justice in comparison to what they can do live.

So, I invite you to support some good quality local music.

The Lens Baby



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Pure Chicagoan

First, I would like to say that my Mac is on the verge of death, unfortunately the logic board on it is about to go for the second time. I apologize for the potential upcoming as well as the recent inconsistencies with my posts.

Thank You

Chicago, what is it about Chicago that keeps all of us here year after year? I woke up the other day and realized once again (this happens from time to time) that I absolutely love this city. I am so proud having been raised here. Chicago is really like no other place in the United States, I have been to many different cities and Chicago is still my favorite. I can’t speak for Paris or London because I have yet to make it across the pond. So, in waking up and being glad in having the relationship that Chicago and I have, I began tallying everything that makes Chicago awesome. I also began observing what makes the people from Chicago, Chicagoans. I came up with quite a few things that make Chicago, along with the people who live her quite possibly the coolest, but today I am going to talk about one thing that makes Chicago the shit; the Chicago Reader.

If it were not for the Chicago Reader, how would us Chicagoans keep up to date on all that is happening is this fair city? It covers the broadest spectrum of cool, and the best part about it is, what it considers cool is completely non-discriminating. If you like opera, it has you covered, movies, covered; rock music, covered; the best places to eat in town, covered; jobs, covered; housing; covered. The Chicago Reader provides us with the ability to define ourselves as Chicagoans, it is the tool that allows us to enjoy whatever it is that we love, and helps to create that certain “buzz” that occurs every night of the week. Is it the only way to find out what is going on? Absolutely not, but in my opinion, does the Chicago Reader do it the best, fuck yeah. And, the best part about it is, its free and its available online, but that’s not saying much about anything anymore (the online part anyway).

One of my favorite things to do, is to snag a copy from a bar, or a late night diner, and my first stop is always the Early Warnings section in the back. I’m a music nerd, and live music is my favorite pastime. If it were not for the Chicago Reader, I quite possibly could have missed half of the live shows that I have seen in my adult life. Recently, it made me privy to Ty Segall, Spirtiualized, the Magnetic Fields, Sharon Van Etten; just to name a few. In the past it led me to The Kills, Portishead, Old 97’s, Lallapalooza line-ups and so on. So, my hat goes off the the Chicago Reader, thank you for all of the wonderful experiences you made possible.

Love Your Boobies!!! Support Planned Parenthood!!!

Normally, I would never use my photo blog to voice my opinions on politics. This blog is dedicated to my photographic work that I create on an everyday level, as opposed to work that may be selected for my website exclusively. But this is just absurd.

Susan G. Komen, has released plans to cut off all funding support for Planned Parenthood as of the first of the year. May I mention, that the funding designated for Planned Parenthood are solely for the use of breast cancer screenings. They are claiming that Planned Parenthood is misusing the funds provided by the Komen Foundation. However, right-wing congressman, Cliff Sterns is against Planned Parenthood simply because he is pro-life and is leading this bullshit investigation. He is also wasting our tax dollars in the process! Now I ask, what the fuck does abortion and breast cancer have to do with each other???

I take personal offense to this choice, because I am a 28-year-old woman without health insurance, and places like Planned Parenthood make it possible for women like me to keep up on my female health. Last year alone, Planned Parenthood was responsible for over 700,000 breast cancer screenings. That is a lot of women who will be unable to get regular breast cancer screenings, and may become more susceptible to breast cancer in the future. That is a devastating thought, especially because a foundation that devotes its life to ending breast cancer is the cause of such devastation.

What is even more outrageous, is that pro-life supporters consider this a victory! So, I pose this question, how is it that groups who claim to be “pro-life” are celebrating that over 700,000 women will go without breast exams, and because of it, are more likely to die of breast cancer??? This is a fact that has been stated by the Cancer Association of America. So, clearly they only care about the death of a fetus, and not the death of a woman without health insurance. See, I think that is fucked up, and it doesn’t make any sense. Either be 100 percent pro-life or don’t. Sorry assholes, life is life, whether it’s a fetus or a Latino women, or a 28-year-old white woman, like me. It has no fucking race or color. But these right-wing groups seem to be really good at putting all of us in our own little place. And they claim to know sooooo much about what Planned Parenthood is about, in quoting a republican senator from Arizona “You don’t go to Planned Parenthood to get your cholesterol checked, but you do go there to get an abortion. Which is well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.” When the fact of the matter is, abortions make up about 3 percent of the services that Planned Parenthood offers as a whole. Moron!!!

So, having that said, love your boobies, and support Planned Parenthood in this inexplicable decision to leave low-income women out in the cold. To see more on this story, visit

Yours Truly

The Lens Baby

Milkshakes, yummmmmmmm

Hello world,

I really don’t have a whole lot to say right now. I have been behind on everything. It’s weird, its like school starts, and suddenly I stop making time for the things I enjoy.

1. Democracy Now, my only source of news has not made an appearance to my morning (or lack thereof) routine in the longest time.

2. This American Life, how have I gone this long without good storytelling?

3. My observances of the world. I feel like I have had no time to notice how bizarre this planet actually is in a long time, let alone complain about it.

However, I have been working. Photography has been my life for the past six weeks or so. I am learning a ton of new things, and ideas have been erupting in my brain like volcanos. So, I suppose sometimes its just a little give and take.

I am in the process of creating a new body of work, Female Intimacy, which consists of images of Amy in our most intimate moments, and in most cases she is nude. As for my alt process work, I am still learning, but the wheels are turning there too. In addition to all of that, I have been spending time with people I care for and doing really amazing things, like eating at Chicago Diner three times in one week, then night capping it at The Whistler (where Roger, Amy and I ran into our friends Kyra and Josh from Museum Club). It also turns out that The Whistler would be perfect for On Your Marx! Roger’s gonna let Kevin know, and so forth. Serendipity, you gotta love it. Its nights like that that just make it all worth while.

Lots of Love,

The Lens Baby