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First, I would like to say that my Mac is on the verge of death, unfortunately the logic board on it is about to go for the second time. I apologize for the potential upcoming as well as the recent inconsistencies with my posts.

Thank You

Chicago, what is it about Chicago that keeps all of us here year after year? I woke up the other day and realized once again (this happens from time to time) that I absolutely love this city. I am so proud having been raised here. Chicago is really like no other place in the United States, I have been to many different cities and Chicago is still my favorite. I can’t speak for Paris or London because I have yet to make it across the pond. So, in waking up and being glad in having the relationship that Chicago and I have, I began tallying everything that makes Chicago awesome. I also began observing what makes the people from Chicago, Chicagoans. I came up with quite a few things that make Chicago, along with the people who live her quite possibly the coolest, but today I am going to talk about one thing that makes Chicago the shit; the Chicago Reader.

If it were not for the Chicago Reader, how would us Chicagoans keep up to date on all that is happening is this fair city? It covers the broadest spectrum of cool, and the best part about it is, what it considers cool is completely non-discriminating. If you like opera, it has you covered, movies, covered; rock music, covered; the best places to eat in town, covered; jobs, covered; housing; covered. The Chicago Reader provides us with the ability to define ourselves as Chicagoans, it is the tool that allows us to enjoy whatever it is that we love, and helps to create that certain “buzz” that occurs every night of the week. Is it the only way to find out what is going on? Absolutely not, but in my opinion, does the Chicago Reader do it the best, fuck yeah. And, the best part about it is, its free and its available online, but that’s not saying much about anything anymore (the online part anyway).

One of my favorite things to do, is to snag a copy from a bar, or a late night diner, and my first stop is always the Early Warnings section in the back. I’m a music nerd, and live music is my favorite pastime. If it were not for the Chicago Reader, I quite possibly could have missed half of the live shows that I have seen in my adult life. Recently, it made me privy to Ty Segall, Spirtiualized, the Magnetic Fields, Sharon Van Etten; just to name a few. In the past it led me to The Kills, Portishead, Old 97’s, Lallapalooza line-ups and so on. So, my hat goes off the the Chicago Reader, thank you for all of the wonderful experiences you made possible.

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