Good Music Good Friends

I’m not going to write much today. The photographs kinda speak for themselves. Three words come to my mind when I think of good music and good friends, On Your Marx. Well, that is not entirely true, I could think of many different things, but today, that’s it. It is always a treat to make it out and catch this band live, I often can’t make it because Roger and I both work at the same restaurant, an finding two shifts to cover is a pain on the ass, not to mention that taking two Friday night off a month is like kissing three or four hundred dollars goodbye. That’s asking quite a lot off pocket book.

However, the warm welcomes I receive on the rare nights I do make it to a show, are always pleasant.

Time to plug it.

On Your Marx is a ska, reggae, and dub band from Chicago. They possess a unique sound like no other ska or reggae band out there; that I have heard anyway. And I am a hard ear to please when it comes to that because, most reggae bands sound the same to me. But this band, with their two female vocals, four piece horn section, guitar, keys, bass, drums, and occasional flute and melodica, really transcend the boundaries of ska and reggae.

They practice religiously to make certain that they maintain the quality of their sound as well as their relationship to one another as a band.

They make that message known every time they step on stage. This band has talent, and I you haven’t heard the music of On Your Marx, I suggest you start listening.

Their first full length album, Resound, was recorded in Roger’s apartment, however it does not do this band justice in comparison to what they can do live.

So, I invite you to support some good quality local music.

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