Whistler Style Chicago

So you know how a few weeks ago I gave tribute to Chicago, I paid special attention to the Chicago Reader, well today I am honoring the Whistler.

Tucked somewhat like a speakeasy just north of Fullerton on Milwaukee is the Whistler. I would not doubt that most of its patronage is solely thanks to word of mouth, if you didn’t know it was there, you would miss it. There is no sign of any kind, no neon, nothing painted, except of course the tiny white letters barely visible on the glass, front door.

Once you walk in, there are tables lining the wall to your right, and just behind you to your left, is a stage completely enclosed with no view of the street outside. The lighting is of a bluish red and resembles something out of a David Lynch film. The bar is kitty corner to the front door. The Whistler has some sort of musical entertainment every night of the week, and offers a plethora of genres, but what most people come the the Whistler for, are the cocktails. Old fashioned cocktails, that are made only by one man, and with ingredients so precise he uses a jigger, and tastes every one before its delivery, and if its not just right, he starts all over again. And these old-time concoctions are always changing.

Some popular ingredients used at the Whistler are green chartreuse, mezcal, angostura (which is in the bitters family), egg white, honey, jalapeño, cilantro, habanero, along with all the gins, brandies, bourbons, vodkas, tequilas, whiskeys and so on.

The Whistler is a real treat, it is nice to go and have a real cocktail, something you don’t have everyday and any given bar in town, and be able to say with dignity, that they just don’t make them like they used to.

You can visit the Whistler at http://www.whistlerchicago.com, feel free to subscribe to their blog as well.

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