The El

The El.

What comes to mind when you hear that phrase? For people who live here in Chicago it means quite a lot. Most of my friends who live in the city rely on the el to get to and from work everyday.

It has it’s upsides; it’s quick, it comes every seven or so minutes, and its an excellent place to people watch (my personal favorite),  it can get you almost anywhere in the city, and sometimes you can even peek into the backyards you pass a long the way.

It also has its downsides; it smells kinda funny, its not a fun place to be when it’s crowded and you’re hungover or not hungover for that matter, sometimes you get a weirdo who will sit next to you, but luckily your stop is usually next, and sometimes its not, in which case you empathize with Elaine from Seinfeld quite a bit.

But over all, the el is one of my most favorite things about the city of Chicago. And as part of my Chicagoan project, I have decided to make a mini project inside Chicagoan and feature interesting people I meet on the el. That’s one thing that remains constant, there is always someone interesting no matter what neighborhood you’re in.

Little Girl on the Blue Line

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