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Street Style: Toronto

I am normally not a fan of Uggs, however, this shot appealed to me.


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Lake Ontario

Another photo of Lake Ontario. Again, this photo was taken while location scouting yesterday. We actually did some shooting at this location today. We chose to expedite things a bit due to the sun being out. But I will tell you, it was windy and freezing. I might still be thawing out. I also have a bit of a chapped face… But no matter, it’s a small price to pay doing what you love. Being surrounded by creative people and helping to create as well. Get to do it all again tomorrow and its gonna be even colder. High of 28 degrees Fahrenheit. But it beats the 8 degree temperature Chicago had today… See ya soon!

Lake Ontario

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Toronto, Canada

I have successfully arrived in Toronto as of yesterday. It may go down as the shortest flight I’ve ever taken… However, so far I am loving it. Tomorrow is the last day of location scouting and then the real fun begins! I gotta say, I absolutely love my job! There will be more posts to follow. But so far, check these out.



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