As I explore myself by turning my camera on myself, I realize just how much I have to say. There is something about reaching inside and pulling something out as opposed to looking outward for my subject and pulling that subject in. In the last several months I have been exploring self-portraiture. As Voltaire said, “I hate writing but love having written.” That sums it up pretty precisely for me. I have been identifying mostly as an expressionist, somewhat like a painter if you will. Less so as a photographer while I continue to pick apart my insides and put them up in display.

Here is a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to the last several months… They are far from finished. They will not look much like this when they are done. I need to encaustic, collage, paint, write, draw and manipulate them quite a bit more. I felt like sharing the general idea of where I am going. I am learning that with self-portraiture, everything is pre-visualized. Very little is left up to chance. I chose to use split-tone to emphasize the dual nature of being. For example, feminine/masculine, order/chaos, bitter/sweet, yin/yang. I feel that we are constantly at war with ourselves, fighting the duality that exists within us and around us. I feel it is through acceptance that we will finally be set free. I chose blue and yellow based on what both of those colors represent. Enjoy!Untitled 1

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