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Mazzy Star @ The Vic

Both bands requested that no photos to be taken.

Mazzy Star was a delight. That band has been my companion on and off for the last eighteen years. It was a privilege.

Opening Band

Mazzy Star

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Vinyl Is A Girls Best Friend

I recently saw a sign that said, “Vinyl is killing the MP3 industry.” It should also come as no surprise that I saw this said sign in my local record store, which I frequent about twice a month to purchase new vinyl records. I also agree with the sign.

There is something magical that happens when one is building a record collection, first of all it takes years, yes years. It also takes patience, hours spent perusing garages sales, thrift shops and record stores, rifling through a lot of crap in the process, but sometimes the crap is even cool. The cover might be clever, or interesting in some way and its only .50 cents, so fuck it. But after searching and searching, you hit the big time. you find that diamond in the rough; the perfect addition to your collection at a seemingly perfect time. It’s like winning the lottery.

I used to get this feeling from buying CDs when I was growing up in the 90’s and I still  hold on to this wild hope that the afterlife smells like a new CD… Unwrapping the cellophane as the smell of freshly pressed ink permeates your car (cause who waits till they get home?) There is no mistaking that smell and its the absolute best. But, then somewhere in the 2000’s I lost my footing and began stealing almost all of my music, yes stealing it. I was obsessed with downloading torrents from torrent sites, and granted I got a lot of my MP3’s that way, I am not proud of it anymore. However, when you’re 20 years old, do you really give a fuck about anything to begin with? I cared about one thing, myself mostly, but that’s besides the point. Then about five years ago, I began to build my record collection.

There is nothing like vinyl records, they offer an appreciation that MP3’s or  CDs are incapable of competing with. Both MP3’s and CDs have their own strong suits, don’t get me wrong. They are super convenient., and in that respect, they function well. An LP, on the other hand, almost forces you  to hear the music differently, to slow down. It forces you to really listen to every song, every note, every word… I never skip songs when I listen to vinyl, you gotta flip it once already, who wants to fiddle with skipping songs on top of that? Not me. Vinyl is meant to be played cover to cover. Yet, I skip music all the time when I’m driving in my car… funny how all things have their place and purpose is it not? Vinyl is simply special. Vinyl is simply better. The raw sound of pure analog music coming through the speakers is totally worth having to flip the record over in order to hear the other side. So, yes indeed, vinyl records are killing the MP3 industry…

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A tribute to Patti Smith: My Personal Hero.

Greetings beautiful people,

I feel the need to take a break from my everyday photo posts to share something that I feel is pertnant to the world, especially the art world.

This may very well be my most controversial blog post yet, but I feel compelled to pay homage to one of my personal heroes; Patti Smith. I also feel compelled to give her the credit as the powerful and smart woman she is by playing what I believe to be her Magnum Opus; Babeloqoe into Rock ‘N’ Roll Nigger. I am fully aware of the fact that me using that word could raise some eyebrows, however, it is not meant to be directed at anyone personally. In the song, she talks of many people that were brilliant people, the common denominator is that each and every one of them had a hard life, they all had to struggle. Whether it was personal success, mental illness or just identity. They struggled.

What I find to be beautiful about humanity is that each and every person on Earth knows struggle and hardship. It is relative, sure, but is is a universal language of being alive and human. A friend of mine once told me that there are only three for sure things in life; birth, death and suffering. It could be labeled as a very Buddhist approach, which is perfectly fine, but I feel it is a very humanistic approach. Isn’t it somewhat our suffering that helps define us as the people that we are? Isn’t it the growth from those lessons learned that force us to change in some way? And if it weren’t for learning from our mistakes, wouldn’t we still be “touching a hot oven”?

This song is my fave go to song for inspiration for myself as a woman, myself as an artist, myself as a person in this world.

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