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The Impossible Series: Longing for Spring

As I sit at my desk, going through work that will be featured on my new website (which should be live within the next eight weeks), I began to think about the process of freezing and thawing; winter and spring. There is something powerful about dormancy. The act of going into hibernation or “underground” is somewhat like death. Yet we constantly reemerge like the magnolia tree every spring, ready to take it all on again.

Re-branding is like the magnolia tree. It was worth the long wait to find the perfect design fit, as I am thrilled for what’s next. It is forcing me to reevaluate my work from a whole new perspective, seeing patterns and connections that I never saw before. It’s a rather exciting process; reinvention. As people, we do it almost everyday! I look forward to sharing it all with you.


Longing for Spring

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The Impossible Series

In the event to start blogging more, as I am in the process of rebranding, I’ve decided to show my Impossible film series here. I hope to create a zine of this work someday, and this will force me to think about sequencing and the like. The fascinating thing about Impossible film, that I find, is in achieving the aesthetics of Polaroid, it must be approached like a medium or large format process. Relatively long exposure times (30-45 minutes) and with the price being what it is, you certainly don’t want to waste your film if you can help it. There is a certain nostalgia that comes with using this process, and a certain maturity as a photographer as well. It is both childlike and adult, nonchalant yet taken seriously. I hope you enjoy this series as I post them.


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A tribute to Patti Smith: My Personal Hero.

Greetings beautiful people,

I feel the need to take a break from my everyday photo posts to share something that I feel is pertnant to the world, especially the art world.

This may very well be my most controversial blog post yet, but I feel compelled to pay homage to one of my personal heroes; Patti Smith. I also feel compelled to give her the credit as the powerful and smart woman she is by playing what I believe to be her Magnum Opus; Babeloqoe into Rock ‘N’ Roll Nigger. I am fully aware of the fact that me using that word could raise some eyebrows, however, it is not meant to be directed at anyone personally. In the song, she talks of many people that were brilliant people, the common denominator is that each and every one of them had a hard life, they all had to struggle. Whether it was personal success, mental illness or just identity. They struggled.

What I find to be beautiful about humanity is that each and every person on Earth knows struggle and hardship. It is relative, sure, but is is a universal language of being alive and human. A friend of mine once told me that there are only three for sure things in life; birth, death and suffering. It could be labeled as a very Buddhist approach, which is perfectly fine, but I feel it is a very humanistic approach. Isn’t it somewhat our suffering that helps define us as the people that we are? Isn’t it the growth from those lessons learned that force us to change in some way? And if it weren’t for learning from our mistakes, wouldn’t we still be “touching a hot oven”?

This song is my fave go to song for inspiration for myself as a woman, myself as an artist, myself as a person in this world.

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