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Trying To Fit In

What is this life we live? Consume, throw away, repeat. Stripes are in, spots are out. This lipstick, that haircut. Eyebrow trends are actually real. For what? What is the reward of being so vain and desperately needing to project our best selves into the world, cause god forbid we show our real selves… Then everyone would see the flaws we work so hard to cover up. So, we just try to fit in. Conform to the idea of who we are supposed to be, based on what someone or something else said. That same someone or something, has no reference to who we are personally. Something like a magazine, or the media. Someone like the person who writes for them. And we listen like lambs, being led to slaughter.

This is me trying to fit in.





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Letters From Home: Self-Portrait


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Insta-Looks: SPE Style

A student glancing at a book at the AIGA Book Publishers’ booth at the 2013 SPE National Conference. I like the floral print paired with the yellow background. So complementary…


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Gatsby Black and White

With my trip to New York right around the corner, the question remains, what to wear?

This Gatsby era black and white striped dress is a go to classic ensemble, and very much spring of 2013.

You can never go wrong with 20’s style fashion.


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Chuck Taylor’s

A staple in my wardrobe, both versatile and comfortable. Chucks are classic, and in a class all by themselves. There is really nothing else that needs to be said.

Chucks are awesome.


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The Vintage Tee

My last post inspired to me create a new blog series.

Insta-Fashion, or Insta-Looks as I’ve decided to name this series. I’ve decided to use items in my own wardrobe mixing photos of the item a la carte along with me wearing them. All photos will be taken and edited in my phone only (due to my computer conundrum) but I’m actually looking forward to it. Self-portraiture is always interesting as a photographer… It was Voltaire who said; “I hate writing, but love having written.” I think photographers feel the same way a lot of the time when it comes to self-portraits. With my intro over, lets get down to it.

The vintage t-shirt.

They are soft, faded and comfortable. The complete opposite of a necktie, however both items can be dressed up or down. The vintage tee is what makes resale-ing worth while. The joy of finding an old faded t-shirt from the 70s, 80s or even the 90s on a trip to the Salvation Army, is something only is thrifty folks know about. Further more, the likely hood of it being made in the USA are high.

Due to the fact that early 90s grunge fashion is on the rise again, the vintage tee can be found in more places besides a resale store. I still prefer my vintage tees to be second hand, faded because they were really loved and not because they were made to look that way.

Pair it with a unbuttoned flannel for a dress down look. I prefer to tuck mine in a bit in the front.

For a more distinguished look, rock it with a tuxedo jacket and a nice pair of flats or boots.

The vintage tee is one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. The ability to be versatile is the spice of life.


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The necktie.

A staple in male and female fashion for centuries. The perfect accessory to add a masculine and distinguished look. Male, female, gay or straight. The necktie remains constant.

From sixties skinny to fifties fat ties to bow ties. The necktie makes cleaning up, sexy. However, not just any tie will do… What I’ve found about ties, they are like wine; they are personal.

To this day they remain the topic of conversation between men and women. You can grab them, tie them to the headboard, tie the tie of the man you love around his neck, among all the other (dirty) things they are good for.

All in all, ties are cool.


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