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Getting back in the swing of things…

This self-portrait was taken in my bathroom. Backlit and intentionally blurred to capture a certain ambiguity on the human form. By removing facial recognition, I intend to create an anonymity with the subject and the viewer, hoping the work acts like a reflection of the person in front of it. The idea of one half of something, two parts that make one whole fascinates me. Duality exists in all facets of human experience. I pose as a metaphor for non-binary culture, the figure in the image could be my feminine side or it could be my masculine side. It is simply one half of the human form.

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My Chastity Belt

When I first began taking my self-portraits last summer, I had every intention on making each one severely out of focus, then I thought, where is the skill in that?! (however it is quite a bit harder than it looks in maintaining consistency) This image, was one of the early ones. I call it, My Chastity Belt simply because it appears to be quite the opposite. A woman bound by sexual desire, dripping with the sweat from her own body and perhaps someone else’s, both beautiful and disgusting. A work of art and a mechanism. Sex for fun and sex to make life. Again, duality is in everything.

I began thinking about sex in general and what it actually means. Sex, like the human form is both beautiful and grotesque in and of itself. I mean, we’ve all done it, we know the sounds, fluids, grunts and whatever else it makes. For me personally, I always think of the Black Widow spider or the Preying Mantis during sexual encounters. I am often reminded that sex is the closest we can get to another person without actually consuming them, unlike the aforementioned species. I think that is beautiful. I also fully get why both the Black Widow and Preying Mantis consume their mate.

But then I began thinking of women who rely on sex day to day, specifically prostitutes or porn stars. I realized that in some cases sex itself is the chastity belt. If you become so bound by a sexual lifestyle, is there room left to enjoy it? Or is it another chore like most things in life, once they become trite and mundane? This image represents sex as the chastity belt. Being overly sexed, forced to have sex, reliant on sex… It sounds exhausting. Don’t you agree?

My Chastity Belt

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