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Sunday Brunch

As I continue to go throughout my photo archive, I am stumbling upon some of my faves from years past. This image, titled Sunday Brunch was taken in New Orleans some years ago, after having brunch with a dear friend of mine. It’s so Pop Art to me.

It makes me think about consumption. Consumption can be like a cancer, if it is not looked after well. How much do we waste in this country? Lots. People can’t even dumpster dive and make use of what grocery stores throw away, because they feel entitled to lock there dumpsters up at night. Who wants to hoard their own trash? To me the concept is so backwards. You lock up your dumpsters to avoid feeding people that sometimes out of necessity need to climb into a dumpster to get fed… Sometimes it is a matter of choice. I choose to dumpster dive myself, whenever I can. Am I the richest? No. Can I go to the store and make a consumer purchase to fill my fridge? Yes. But why waste all the perfectly good food? It is truly awful. It makes me sad.

I know the world is not perfect, and is rather beautiful with all of its imperfections. And furthermore, consumption is not going away. As a photographer, I completely understand the world of advertising. It is beneficial to my line of work. Perhaps advertise for something better, something stronger, something that benefits the big picture. People are starving, resources are running out and we have plenty of food that goes to waste that can feed people, as opposed to using more resources to make more food!

I encourage everyone, the next time you’re near a grocer at night, peek around back and see it there garbage is all locked up… Chances are it will be, but if its not, dumpster dive away. You’d be surprised by what perfectly fine food you can get out of a dumpster in the middle of the night… For free.


Sunday Brunch

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