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Body Snatchers

Hello old friends,

It’s amazing how time can just slip through your fingers if you turn your back on it. I have been so consumed with school and preparing for my show, yes I said show, I have been putting my blog by the wayside.

My show is next month in Wicker Park, May 12th to be exact. Some really talented artists ¬†and myself are coming together to share how we all see the human form. although I am the only photographer present, all the work being presented is worth seeing. I currently working with Salt Prints, which is one of the oldest photographic processes around. It goes back farther than wet plate. It is truly a joy to work in a darkroom again, it is something I had no idea that I missed so much, until we became reacquainted. I plan to continue making salt prints for sometime, I really enjoy this process. Reconnecting with the fine art side of photography has allowed my documentary work to breathe a little. It’s like beginning to see what wasn’t there before once you look away for five minutes. Everything seems new and fresh, like getting back to blogging…

I hope to see all of you at my show!

Poster design by Roger Chavez and Courtney Penzato

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