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The Impossible Series: Longing for Spring

As I sit at my desk, going through work that will be featured on my new website (which should be live within the next eight weeks), I began to think about the process of freezing and thawing; winter and spring. There is something powerful about dormancy. The act of going into hibernation or “underground” is somewhat like death. Yet we constantly reemerge like the magnolia tree every spring, ready to take it all on again.

Re-branding is like the magnolia tree. It was worth the long wait to find the perfect design fit, as I am thrilled for what’s next. It is forcing me to reevaluate my work from a whole new perspective, seeing patterns and connections that I never saw before. It’s a rather exciting process; reinvention. As people, we do it almost everyday! I look forward to sharing it all with you.


Longing for Spring

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