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She Waits

Imagine living in a box,

wanting to so desperately to break free.

Imagine waiting so patiently,

for something founded on fantasy.

If only she could destroy reality,

by washing her hands clean.

“Remember to breathe,” she said,

“when you break all the locks.

Pry open the source of this madness.

The bathroom mirror does not lie.

Find solace in this sadness,

allow yourself to be free.”

She said

She Waits


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The Vintage Tee

My last post inspired to me create a new blog series.

Insta-Fashion, or Insta-Looks as I’ve decided to name this series. I’ve decided to use items in my own wardrobe mixing photos of the item a la carte along with me wearing them. All photos will be taken and edited in my phone only (due to my computer conundrum) but I’m actually looking forward to it. Self-portraiture is always interesting as a photographer… It was Voltaire who said; “I hate writing, but love having written.” I think photographers feel the same way a lot of the time when it comes to self-portraits. With my intro over, lets get down to it.

The vintage t-shirt.

They are soft, faded and comfortable. The complete opposite of a necktie, however both items can be dressed up or down. The vintage tee is what makes resale-ing worth while. The joy of finding an old faded t-shirt from the 70s, 80s or even the 90s on a trip to the Salvation Army, is something only is thrifty folks know about. Further more, the likely hood of it being made in the USA are high.

Due to the fact that early 90s grunge fashion is on the rise again, the vintage tee can be found in more places besides a resale store. I still prefer my vintage tees to be second hand, faded because they were really loved and not because they were made to look that way.

Pair it with a unbuttoned flannel for a dress down look. I prefer to tuck mine in a bit in the front.

For a more distinguished look, rock it with a tuxedo jacket and a nice pair of flats or boots.

The vintage tee is one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. The ability to be versatile is the spice of life.


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