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Spider Plant and I

In an attempt to shed some light into my blog and break away from the serious nature of the representation of my self-portraits, I felt the need to revisit my Impossible Series images. It has been quite some time since I posted one. I chose the spider plant image due to the reference I made about the Black Widow spider in my last post. My brain makes weird connections, I know this. I figured it would give me the chance to talk about my plans for presentation for this work. It will eventually end up in a a handmade photo book, mounted on handmade 100% cotton rag paper. And, since most of my Impossible Series is of plant matter, there will be plant matter in the paper I make. I will then scan it and make it available in zine format, both digitally and for sale in hard copy. My partner and I are planning on making some paper real soon. We need a new mould and deckle first… When that occurs I will probably be sharing some of that process with you as well. Making paper is truly a beautiful process.

I have managed to keep this spider plant alive for over ten years. I got it at a garage sale eleven years ago. This isn’t really saying that much, considering that spider plants are extremely resilient. It takes a lot to kill them. There is a parallel between myself and my spider plant. I have not had the easiest life, yet have managed to survive every trial and tribulation that has been in my way. It has made me stronger, wiser and overall a better human being. I have no regrets, for what I have been through has shaped the person I am today. In fact, I am extremely grateful. I have a greater appreciation for people in my life and the moments we make together because of it all.

Another thing I adore about the spider plant is the fact that they produce babies. They sprout tiny spider plants that can be cut off and transplanted into pots and given away to people, if you so wish. So not only is it resilient, it is also giving. Most plants are, but spider plants are extremely easy to transplant. And, sharing is caring as my kindergarden teacher taught me.

Spider Plant




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Call For Entries

GET PUBLISHED! Wanna be part of something awesome? Sweet! Me too! I’m int the process of putting a zine together dedicated solely to smartphone photos. So, send me your best Instagram images and have a chance to be published!!! Woop woop! Please send all images to courtney@courtneypenzato.com with “photos for dummies” in the subject line. Please title your images with your last name, and of submitting more than one, include the number as well (ie penzato1.jpeg) There is no theme for this issue. I look forward to seeing your best work.


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After a long hiatus, I refuse to allow the fact that I still don’t have a computer compromise my creativity anymore. Instagram is great, and I plan on making a zine this year of just my Instagram photos, titled either Insta-Fix or Photos for Dummies. Not sure, but both titles will be used at some point. This is going to be my daily log to organize and build my portfolio on Instagram right from my phone!

I am also trying to find better ways to occupy my time besides Facebook. It’s an energy drainer. Paying homage to the Chicagoan series with my first post. Enjoy.

-The Lens Baby


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